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    "Amazing experience. Every class I feel I have a better understanding of the art walking out the doors at the end of the class. Great for all ages. It's never too soon or too late to start learning, and this is the perfect atmosphere to learn and grow." Nick- Windham

    AAU Community Martial Arts Program | SV Dojo CT

    The AAU

    "Sports For All Forever!"

    Since 1888 the Amateur Athletic Union has set the standard for amateur sports in the USA. Our status as an AAU Community Martial Arts Program means we can offer more for less, like: professionally trained coaching, comprehensive athlete insurance, and the area's only adult background check policy, also events like the Freestyle Judo National Championships and the Junior Olympics.

    Freestyle Judo at SV Dojo | Baltic, CT

    Freestyle Judo

    "Judo The Way It Ought To Be!"

    Freestyle Judo brings back the 'Golden Age' of Judo competition by embracing the fighting arts of Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling and Russian Sambo. Anyone who saw Judo in the 60's, 70's and 80's knows that Judo was meant to be a combat art. Freestyle Judo is a competition style of Kodokan Judo, sanctioned by the AAU that allows for all of Judo's technique to be utilized on both the feet and on the ground. We are the States ONLY OFFCIAL AAU FSJ team "Sila Voli Team" #W3WBE7

    Combat Sambo Classes in Baltic, SV Dojo

    Combat Sambo

    Combat Sambo is the worlds most comprehensive self-defense system

    "COMBAT SAMBO training helps prepare you mentally and physically to react to threatening situations without relying on weapons as your primary means of defense."

    Similar to MMA, Combat Sambo employs techniques from Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing and more. Sambo has also proven effective without a gi: both Fedor Emelianenko and Khabib Nurmagomedov were both Combat Sambo World Champions before becoming MMA Champions.

  • What We Do

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    Sambo Training In Connecticut, SV Dojo, Baltic

    What We Do Best

    Teen and Adult Combat SAMBO:


    Sambo is a Judo-based martial art originally developed in Russia that combines old school Judo with techniques of Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing and more. Fast takedowns and submissions are its trademark, especially its famous arsenal of leglocks.


    Combat Sambo Is one of the most complete fighting systems in the world, offering something for everyone: you'll learn stand-up techniques, striking and ground work in both a gi and no-gi.  


    Whether you want to compete, train for self-defense or just get in shape, we have what you're looking for.


    "My first Jiu-Jitsu, Sambo, and MMA experience was at your class. Thanks for cultivating such a positive culture on the mat that allowed me to feel comfortable sticking with the martial arts!"

    Jake -Brooklyn🔥

    Freestyle Judo Team "Sila Voli" SV Dojo, Baltic CT

    Freestyle Judo Team

    We're an IFJA Freestyle Judo Team

    "Judo the way it ought to be!"


    Freestyle Judo brings back the golden age of Judo competition by embracing the fighting arts of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling and Russian Sambo.


    Freestyle Judo is sanctioned by the Amateur Athletic Union, the organizer of the Junior Olympics: we are official club #W3WBE7



    All of our students learn this competitive style of traditional Kodokan Judo but we also prepare our students to compete in a variety of combat sports: Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, No-gi Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Sambo, Combat Sambo, Boxing and Kickboxing.


    All of our students must maintain a valid AAU membership. Teen and Adult memberships cost $29 and must be renewed by August 31st.


    Click the button below for schedule and rates.

    Youth Freestyle Judo Classes SV Dojo, Baltic CT

    Youth Freestyle Judo

    Youth Judo Classes:


    Judo is not about fighting; it's about self-defense, self-control and respect.


    Spark your child's inner power with a class at SV Dojo. Judo is an excellent martial art for people of all ages, but we think Judo is the best martial art for kids aged 7-12.


    Our Community Judo program is affordable and fun. As part of the Positive Coaching Alliance we focus on learning life lessons through sports. Every class we instill the virtues of: Effort, Respect, Learning and Bouncing Back From Mistakes. We love it when friends train together: so find your belt buddy and join today!


    There is a $16 sign-up fee and dues are $40 a month.

    Classes meet once a week for an hour: Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm

  • Inside SV Dojo

    We're a small Dojo focused on value, personalized instruction, and results

    Beaver Brook Mill, Baltic, Home of SV Dojo

    Inside Historic Beaver Brook Mill

    Convenient to most of Eastern Connecticut; whether you live in Norwich, Windham, Plainfield or Griswold we are just a short ride away, but we also have students who regularly travel from over an hour away to take advantage of our unique program! Easy to locate inside Beaver Brook Mill.

    Inside SV Dojo, Judo and Sambo , Baltic CT

    Small Dojo Big Results

    We're built upon three tenets: Passion For the Sport, Respect For People and Continual Improvement. Our goal is to provide exceptional training and personalized instruction. We aren't a school with 100's of students: we are in-between a Dojo and personal training studio; with a focus on quality.

    Judo, Sambo, Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing rates at SV Dojo, Baltic CT


    Most gyms hide their rates behind web-deals and VIP ads. Ours are upfront and affordable. Our partnership with the AAU allows us to provide more for less. We offer the best training insurance to all of of members for less than $30 a year and we are the ONLY club in Connecticut that REQUIRES all of our Adult members to pass a background check before ever stepping on our mats. Always month to month: NEVER A CONTRACT.

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