• How to Join

    Important Information on AAU membership and club dues

    Important How to Join Information



    Read this first:

    Because of our status as an AAU club we must follow very strict rules concerning membership:

    •  All of our members must have a valid AAU athletes card: Youth under the age of 16 can join instantly, however those age 16 and up should allow a week for their membership to be issued. Follow the instructions below to join. 
    • Because our athletes are insured through the AAU, we do not give away free trial periods or classes. 
    • Those interested in our program should contact us to arrange a tryout or join the AAU and try classes for one month.

    We currently only have 13 spots open on our team (youth/teen/adult)


    Note: If your child is in the youth class: we do expect parents to stay during class and to help course correct their child when needed


    Important information below:


    Step 1. Contact us


    Step 2. AAU Membership

    Anyone interested in training Judo at our Dojo MUST contact us to arrange a TRYOUT and then become a member of the AAU. Registration is online and only a takes a few minutes. ​​

    Read the following directions and then visit AAUSPORTS.ORG/MEMBERSHIPS to register.

    All members signing up should choose :

    • "Individual Athlete (youth or adult)"

    • "Extended Membership"

    • "Judo"

    • Use club code "W375A9" at the end of the form.

    Once complete you will be insured for both practice and competitions through the AAU's policy.

    ​Youth memberships (age 16 & under) Once registered your child can begin practice. Cost of an AAU youth memberships is $16.00 and must be renewed every Sept. 1st.

    Adult members must wait until their background check clears (typically 1-10 days) before attending class, the background check is performed during the membership application process. Cost of Adult Membership is currently $29.00 and must be renewed each year on or before Sept. 1st. (It is best to renew a week early so there is no lapse in training while waiting for the background check to clear.)

    Step 3. DOJO DUES

    The Monthly Dojo Fees for 2022:

    • Single Adult: $80 dollars a mo. (Join with a friend and you each save $20 mo)

    • Student, and First Responder Rate: $65/Mo.

    • Youth (12 and under) $40 mo

    You can cancel at any time: we do not have contracts- ALL STUDENTS MUST MAINTAIN AN AAU MEMBERSHIP IS GOOD STANDING

    Please make all payments through VENMO

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