• School Policies and Health Guidelines

    On this page you'll find our most important policies and guidelines to help you get the most out of your training at Shetucket Valley Martial Arts.

    School Policies and Health Guidelines


    Martial arts by nature are a risky endeavor, especially competitive styles like Judo and Sambo, but even Jiu-Jitsu, which is easier on the body, can be risky if you don't take simple precautions while training. Our Health and Injury policies are key to having a LONG grappling career. Please read them, take note and adhere to of all the important best practices we recommend. You'll also see our four basic team rules listed on this page, although there are only a few of them, they are very important. Adhering to these simple steps will make sure you and your training partners have a great time, learn a lot and stay safe.


    Our 4 Basic Rules:

    1. Team First: Members must Join the AAU Join today: use club code W375A9

    2. Pay Your Dues: In sweat and on-time

    3. Keep it Clean: Mind | Body | Dojo

    4. Respect + Effort= Success


    Policy on Hygiene:

    Grappling is a contact sport, and there are very real dangers to all of us if even just one of our members does not practice the following best practices: because this is so serious, violations of this policy will result and removal from our program:

    1. Always shower after class, before if necessary: show up clean

    2. If you are ill DO NOT come to class

    3. Always keep your finger and toenails short- clip them regularly but NOT just before practice- fresh clipped nails are like razor blades

    4. Always wash your gym clothes after class, and wear clean clothes every time.

    5. If you have any sign of any skin infection DO NOT come to class- go see a doctor

    6. NEVER step on the mats with anything but clean feet- if you must leave the mats, use your flip flops. Disinfect your Flip Flops after every class.

    7. If you get cut while training, stop immediately, signal to, and await your coach.

    8. If you have any injury or other health concern always tell your coach before training- or during if it just happened.

    9. Help keep our space sanitary everyday!


    Policy on Injuries

    ANY Student who carelessly injures another teammate, or demonstrates recklessness will be removed from our program. There is no champion of training: but smart training makes champions. Your teammates are here to help you learn- neither you or them signed up to get beat up in class: so show up to learn and apply techniques in a safe manner and protect each other from injury. Save your aggression for tournaments.

    • All throws should be completed with control and practiced slowly until mastery is obtained. The descent of your partner should be controlled and impact should be minimized: do NOT land your full body weight on your partner.

    • While live drilling throws should be completed towards the MIDDLE of the mat: NOT towards the walls- this is standard practice in EVERY judo hall.

    • Submissions should be applied slowly and with care- NEVER in a jerky method.

    • NEVER post your arms straight towards the mats: while breakfalls are an important part of grappling training it is more important that you keep your chin tucked and your arms and hands tight to your body while first learning to take falls.

    • Extra care should be taken with certain submissions: and you should only practice submissions in the manner your coach describes: NEVER twist your partner's neck, DO NOT apply force to any twisting submissions like heel hooks, Kimuras or Americana locks.

    • Do not interlace your fingers or use any single digits to defend holds or choke: your fingers should always remain together and act as a single unit.

    • Where any protective gear that you require: wraps, sleeves, cups, compression to avoid injury, but please no hard braces that may injure your partners.

    • Only take part in training that you feel safe to try

    • If you are recovering from an injury take the time to actually recover: do not expect your training partners to operate safely around an injury. Heal up then train.

    • Be extra careful of your partner's small joints and "senses". NEVER bend your partner's fingers back, be extra careful to avoid their eyes (keep your fingers together!) DO NOT squeeze their windpipe: chokes should be "blood chokes" only. Please refrain from using "muffler" techniques that cover your partner's mouth and nose with you hands (this is an extra germ risk). Do NOT slam your way out of any submission.

    Student Rules:

    • Come prepared for class: clean body, clean clothes, clean mind i.e. stay focused on the lesson

    • Be a good UKE. That means you help your partner to learn; class is not a competition but cooperative. (see policy on injuries)

    • Tap early, tap often. If you or your training partners get hurt... you can not train...so train smart and always put safety before ego!

    • Always help clean the mats and gym after every class.

    • Be respectful of your instructor and other students, pay close attention to details, do not interrupt a lesson and do not talk while your coach is talking.

    • NO shoes on the mats: bring flips for trips to the bathroom

    • Maintain your AAU membership

    • Always pay your dues on time.

    • Do not come to class sick


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