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    If you live in the towns of Norwich, Griswold, Plainfield or Windham and search for ‘Martial arts near me’ you will get a lot of responses! So, If you're wondering what sets us apart from all of the other Martial Arts Schools in the area, here are seven reasons you should check us out and see why we are the best choice and offer the best value in Southeastern Connecticut.

    1. We offer a complete package:

    When you join our school, you are paying for a complete program, not just one style or a certain number of classes per week. You can train at every class we offer; in fact that’s what we want! We want you to get the most training possible. Compare that to other schools that have different rates based on attendance or require more money to learn another art.

    2. Never a contract: 

    Our philosophy on monthly dues is easy: it’s on us to provide compelling instruction that keeps you coming back! No contracts means that you pay for a month and you get a month of training: need a month off: no problem! Not the right fit for you: no problem! Moving? NO PROBLEM!

    3. We put safety first: 

    It’s a sad fact that most martial arts schools do absolutely nothing to vet their potential new students. In fact, most schools are so desperate that they offer anyone that contacts them weeks of free training as long as they sign a waiver. Well that waiver protects the school…but not you! Our School is the ONLY martial arts school in Connecticut that REQUIRES a criminal background check for all of our Adult students before they can begin training at our dojo.

    4. Insurance: 

    Through our partnership with the AAU we are able to provide the best training and competition insurance available to all of our members for between $16-29 a year. Our members pay this fee directly to the AAU each year. The AAU is the largest multi-sport sanctioning body in the country. The first step to joining our Judo program is to join the AAU. Each year when you renew your AAU membership the AAU conducts a background check and adds you to their insurance policy. The AAU insures over 700,000 Athletes and provides you full coverage while you are in the Dojo training AND while you are competing. This is an unheard of benefit at any other martial arts school.

    5. Personalized Instruction: 

    We are a small school; something in-between a typical Dojo and a personal training studio. We believe that a small school with a passionate instructor creates the best students. While it’s true that more students equals more income, many schools today operate more like a daycare or summer camp. Our program is focused on each student's growth and being able to provide top-notch instruction that is tailored to each individual. Our head coach has over 20 years of experience as a professional MMA coach, holds two Black Belts and is certified by USA Boxing.

    6. Unique Arts:

    We aren’t just a Martial Arts school, we are also the home to a competitive team. Sanctioned by the AAU we are an official Freestyle Judo team, the only in the state. Freestyle Judo is a ruleset that encourages the techniques from the combat arts of wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We are also the ONLY Combat Sambo school between Boston and New York! Combat Sambo is one of the most complete martial arts on the planet: a mix of Judo wrestling and Kick-Boxing. Our students learn to do it all: No-gi Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Judo Jiu-Jitsu, Sambo, Kick-Boxing, Boxing…if it’s a combat sport and competitive we train it!

    7. Our Price! 

    We don’t hide our price behind “VIP” offers and “Web-Deals”. Our pricing is upfront and affordable. Because we are a community focused program, high fees are counter to our mission. To start training the first step is to contact us, then to join the AAU. Once your athlete membership is approved (instant if you are under 16) it’s as simple as paying dues and starting to train. Our due structure is simple: Kids under 12 pay $40 a month, Students and First Responders/Military pay $65 and Adults pay only $80 a month. That’s it- one fee, unlimited classes and no contracts. Contact us today to take advantage of our special program. Space is always limited and we give preference to those recommended by our current students.
    On top of the reasons above we are five star rated and members of the Better Business Bureau! We offer something unique in the Norwich and Griswold areas: a small school with lots of heart. Contact us today and get the ball rolling on your martial arts journey, no matter what you’re looking for: fun, fitness or a good challenge... we have it!

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