• YUDANSHAKAI Black Belt Association

    Earning Rank at Shetucket Valley Martial Arts

    YUDANSHAKAI Black Belt Association

    The purpose of a Yudanshakai is to promote Judo in their own area and host local events. We take pride in being an independent Black Belt Association Yudanshakai of the IFJA and USCSA


    We follow rank guidelines that have been established by the IFJA and USCSA. Sila Voli issue's rank through our official rank partner: The International Combat Martial Arts Union Association.


    Our Teen and Adult belt system utilizes 4 colors of belts: Green, Blue, Brown, Black. Former wrestlers and Jiu-jitsu blue belts will enter our system at blue belt after a brief assessment. To achieve a black belt in our system typically takes 4-6 years.


    There is never a fee for belt promotion through Sila Voli.


    The JBBA:

    Students can also apply for a Black Belt grading through the AAU's Judo Black Belt Association (a division of the Shin-Gi-Tai Jujitsu Association) at the completion of our program for a fee of $50. However this is not a requirement of the AAU or IFJA and the student must meet the criteria of the JBBA.


    Our Black belts are expected to continue their studies and to uphold the three cultures of self-defense, physical fitness and moral self-betterment with the goal of improving their community and representing Sila Voli Team with absolute integrity